Best strategy for HR Digital Transformation
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A quick question about HR digital transformation

What can be the best strategy for HR digital transformation? This is million dollar question everyone has in his mind thinking about HR digital transformation. Many are afraid of their job security because of less technical skills while other are thinking what will happen if the process is failed? At the end everyone thinks about “what can be the best strategy for HR digital transformation?”

First thing we should keep in mind that HR digital transformation is not something strange or new but its transition of a business based on traditionally manual processes to a business that has technology as its core in all its internal functions ;employee-facing, operational etc.

Best strategy for HR digital transformation

A best strategy for HR digital transaction is totally dependent on platform/ application you are going to choose, people with whom you are going to work, and the work itself which is going to be performed. Do not forget that ethos of positivism in workplace engage every employee to achieve the goal together. And this positivism can only be gain once you have chosen the right platform/ application and the right work to be done. So be careful to choose the platform or application you are going to adopt for the HR digital transformation, make a very clear scope for this process and take all the people in confidence before starting both first things; choosing the platform/ application and finalizing the scope of work.

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It’s good to know why you need HR digital transformation

Why you need HR digital transformation? Which tools should be used for it and how you can gain the goal easily and perfectly? These are the three main question. If you are clear about them you are going to achieve the target. In other case you will lose. So let’s make it WWH of HR digital transformation, WWH is why, which and how.

The “Why” of HR digital transformation

It is really important that you must be very clear that why you need to perform the activity of HR digital transformation in your organization. So there can be two approaches while you are deciding that why you need to go for HR digital transformation.

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You need to do – Wrong approach

Let’s first discuss about the wrong approach.  You need to go for HR digital transformation as your competitors are going for the same. You need to go for this activity as you want to show the prestige in your circle or you want to impress your competitors. You are thinking to control your employees and planning to introduce a type of dictatorship in your organization. If you are response of your “why” is something from above or similar, you are on the wrong approach. Keep in mind you are going toward the failure.

You need to do – Right approach

Keep in mind that the response of your “why” must be positive.  You are going to empower your employees. You are planning to digitalize your actual business needs. You are looking for cost effective solution which can increase productivity of your people and the revenue. You want to facilitate you people etc. Yes this is the right approach for HR digital transformation and you are on the right path. Let’s move on to the next step.

The “Which” of HR digital transformation

This is really an important milestone in your journey toward HR digital transformation. You have two ways here. You can be on right track if you are going to choose the right solution which is meeting your needs. You must need to check very carefully which HR application is best fit for your requirements. Do not looks around and choose the one based on assumption. The application you are going to choose must be modular and scale bale. Who knows you need a basic modules right now but during the next 5 years you need a comprehensive solution. If the application is not scale-able you will have to change it which is going to waste your energy and your people confidence in you. Plan for the next 50 years at least.

Make sure you are going to choose some cloud based software solution. Cloud based solutions are cheaper in terms of price and well quipped in term of technologies. Never ever think to go for legacy old desktop or client server based applications. It will expensive and very difficult for deployment. You will have to invest lot of in IT infrastructure for these old fashioned software solutions. Just subscribe some good cloud based solution and keep paying little yearly. The more you grow the more you can pay to cloud based software provider. Keep the cost of software application as ongoing expenses and do not think to make it your assets. Why you need to purchase a factory while you can get a product easily by paying little each year.

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The application you are going to choose for HR digital transformation must fulfill your actual business needs. The company behind the application should be willing for knowledge transfer and to conduct well-arranged training sessions. The most important, the vendor you are going to choose for implementation of such application must be having skills and ability to provide you best after sales support services. Do not rely on promises of sales geeks. Investigate well and you must take the feedback from the current clientele of vendor. Please keep it very well in your mind that once you have signed for contract you already have fire the bullet. So you must think well before choosing the application for HR digital transformation and vendor for implementation process.  Once you have chosen a good application and trustworthy vendor, you already have achieved 70% of your work. Let’s move toward the next step.

The “How” of HR digital transformation

You are already done with lots of efforts and now it’s the time to eat the real fruit. Be cautioned as still you need to be very careful or you can fall in failure at last moment. You already have drawn a very clear scope of work based on your requirements. Now you just need to implement it in software application. Do not think it easy task and start relaxing. This will waste the time of both parties. Instead you will have to be picky at every step now. Do not be nerves or in hurry. You must need to establish a clear goal and prioritize things.

Keep in mind HR digital transformation is not just implementing the policies and impose them on people. You need to implement step by step and module by module. Do not over-complicate things or mix up the ideas. Implement one module, make it live, go into the adjustments phase and once its fully functional, move toward other modules. Do not think that implementing the whole system in few weeks will give you five start from higher management. This approach can expel you toward failure and losing confidence of your own people.

All people should be part of ongoing process. The culture in your organization is important, so change it in seamless way .People themselves will show the willingness to go for digitalization. Brainwash the people that digitalization is not an option now but it’s mandatory. Change the culture so everyone adopt it quickly and easily. Be a mentor and do not try to be boss. If you have done all the above you will definitely achieve this milestone as well successfully.

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What benefits can be availed by HR digital transformation

Be very clear that HR digital transformation is just a transition of a business based on traditionally manual processes to a business that has technology as its core in all its internal functions ;employee-facing, operational etc.

And of course you are going to avail lots of benefits from it. You are going to reduce the time of working and making analyses and reports. You also can integrate the BI tool and can pull the data as per your own needs. Employee engagement level is going to improve which will result employee retention and higher satisfaction level. And most of all you are definitely going to reduce the cost of your operations. This does not mean that you are going to layoff so many staff, instead you can use them in other areas of expertise.

In nutshell, HR digital transformation is going to increase the people productivity and organization revenue. The money you have invested will give you very good ROI for sure.

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